Presseschlag von Operation Flashpoint

E3-Gameplay-Trailer, neue Screenshots und jede Menge Pressetext gab es heute zu »Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising«. Der Taktik-Shooter kommt für PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 und Windows. Na gut, bekommt das Game auch mal bei uns ein wenig Aufmerksamkeit:

Und noch das Presse-Bla-Bla: As a soldier in the US Marine Corps, fighting a fearsome enemy on the remote Pacific island of Skira, gamers face critical choices that will make the difference between life and death. Using every ounce of their skill and resources, players must overcome the deadly Chinese PLA advance force that is claiming sovereignty over the oil-rich island and defuse a military flashpoint between two global superpowers that threatens to engulf the world.

Set in a completely open-ended 220km2 game world, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will put the fear back into the shooter by immersing players in a chillingly realistic conflict with an immense level of detail and authenticity. Players are given the freedom to handle unscripted missions on their own initiative, deploying the weaponry, vehicles and equipment of a state-of-the-art contemporary fighting force.

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